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Harrisonburg Endodontics

If you’re experiencing a sharp pain in your tooth when chewing, you may be in need of a root canal (“root canal therapy”). A healthy tooth has a tiny bundle of nerves inside of it called the “pulp”. This pulp kept your tooth alive while it was first growing and allows your teeth to sense different temperatures and pressure. Unfortunately, it can easily become infected when the tooth is damaged. If this happens it must be removed to save the rest of the tooth.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is the procedure in which the infected pulp is extracted from the tooth. Although it has been historically known as a very painful procedure, modern advancements in root canal technology and anaesthetics have made it no more painful than getting a regular filling.

What happens during the procedure?

First, a small hole is drilled into your tooth and the infected pulp is removed. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned out and filled with regular filling material. A crown may be replaced over the tooth to protect it, if needed.

How can I prevent myself from needing an endodontics treatment?

Regular dental hygiene is the first line of defense against tooth decay, damage, and infection. Brush and floss your teeth every day to keep them clean and healthy. If you feel a sharp pain in your tooth when eating, or if your tooth becomes sensitive to hot or cold, you may have an infected pulp. Sometimes an infection can be painless and the only way to know is if you visit for regular dental exams.

Call us today to book a dental exam if you’re experiencing a toothache or any bothersome sensitivities.

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